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    An important aspect of marketing is creating more content than consuming it. No matter what business, content creation is key and quality is not something to be overlooked. That content must be relevant to the audience, which must be known by your company, or brand in order for your business to grow. Quality content is something every successful brand, or businesses relies on to make an impact on and add value, or satisfy their niche market. A "niche market" relates to an audience, or target market in which the product is intended to impact, or satisfy the needs of. 

    Brands and businesses only get attention when their audiences feels they are worthy, being have been served a product or service of value to them. People will only follow when they feel they can benefit based on your content used to promote what your business, or brand is about before becoming customers. When it comes to reflecting on what quality content is, some things to be taken in consideration are, is that content being provided adds value to the niche market you are looking to attract, and it is also relevant. Being consistent with content is just as important as having quality content. Commercial ads always repeat the same content each time promoting a product or service, until a new one is made. This is an effective formula that enables a brand, or business's message to eventually catch the attention of their niche market and get the response they were looking for from that audience.

    Getting seen and putting out useful quality content is a great way to grow an audience, however interaction with customers is just as important. This can be a bit difficult if people do not feel the need to pay your brand, or business attention. Organically interacting with customers/potential customers such as creating voting polls regarding your products or services, commenting/liking their content relating to your brand (or how your product may have helped) increases niche market interaction and helps with customer retention. Methods such as social media allow businesses and brands to connect with their potential customers more easier than ever. They also require hard work, strategy, and knowledge of the brand niche market to actually gain something useful out of the process. Finding a way to engage with your audience is an excellent way to increase chances of gaining new customers, but in reality if not executed right, mediocre results will not be a thing out of the ordinary.

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